Can pregnant women eat longan?

Women do not have to eat longan during pregnancy. Longan contains glucose, vitamins, sucrose and other substances, nutrient-rich, there is nourishing the nerves and nourishing the benefits of spleen. However, it is a forbidden fruit for pregnant women, especially women who are pregnant early.

Although the longan can nourish blood and benefit the heart and spleen, it is warm and sweet, and it can help the fire and dryness. People with Yin deficiency, heat, wet resistance, and phlegm physique should not take it.

What harm does pregnant women eat longan?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the main physiological changes in pregnant women are "more often than not, often insufficient." Because pregnant women after pregnancy, yin and blood gathered to raise their tires, mostly leading to partial blood deficiency, yin deficiency often breeds internal heat, they often appear dry stools, heart palpitations, heat, red tongue and anger and other symptoms.

Therefore, medical professionals usually have the idea of ​​"pre-pregnancy should be cool", commonly used some cool, nourishing medicines, and longan warm, sweet, easy to get angry, pregnant women not only add fetal heat after eating, but also easily lead to air-conditioning disorders, Stomach gas upside down, vomiting, over time, the injury will occur as a thermal image of the yin, causing abdominal pain, see red and other threatened abortion symptoms, and even cause miscarriage or premature birth, so pregnant women should not eat longan.

How do pregnant women accidentally eat longan?

Chinese medicine always advocates that heat and cooling blood should be taken before pregnancy. Longan Gan Wen hot, pregnant women eat not only can not Baotu, but easily prone to leakage of red, abdominal pain and other symptoms of threatened abortion. According to statistics, these patients account for more than 90% of the total number of threatened abortions, such as promptly stopping the longan, taking heat and miscarriage of Chinese medicine, but still avoid abortion.

Because each human body is not the same, some people are more tolerant. If you are still not confident, you can go to the hospital for an examination.

Can mothers eat longan?

Longan can be used as a medicine, has many functions such as strengthening the body, strengthening the heart and spleen, nourishing the nerves, moisturizing the skin, and so on. It can treat anemia, palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia, and post-partum physical weakness. That is, pregnant women can eat longan after eating.

Maternal eating longan notes

The longan is a warm-up fruit, which has a function of supplementing blood and qi, and people with weaker physical conditions and mothers who have just given birth have eaten longan, which is very beneficial to their physical recovery. However, normal women eat longan, not only does not achieve the effect of beauty and beauty, but also "attack on the upper body", resulting in long face. If it is serious, it will also hurt the yin and affect menstruation.

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