Environmental factors that cause errors in electronic balances

Electronic balances are precision electronic instruments that are susceptible to external environmental factors, so we need to find out the source of these errors so that we can reduce the error to get more accurate results. Let's briefly analyze the source of the error of the electronic balance. .

First of all, it is necessary to select a room with dustproof, shockproof, moisture proof and temperature fluctuation prevention as the balance room. The balance with higher accuracy should also be used in the constant temperature room. Secondly, the balance should be placed on a firm and reliable workbench and placed in an appropriate position for easy operation. Before the balance is installed, check whether the components are complete and in good condition according to the balance list of the balance; carefully clean all parts of the balance. When installing, refer to the balance's instructions, properly assemble the balance, and adjust the level. After installation, check the installation of each part again, then check if the power supply voltage meets the requirements of the balance, and then plug in the power plug.

When the electronic balance is weighed, the various control keys and function keys should be used correctly; select the best integration time, correctly grasp the reading and printing time to get the best weighing result. When continuously weighing with the tare key, you should pay attention to the balance overload. The balance door should be closed during the weighing process. After the electronic balance is used, the balance and door cover should be closed, the power supply should be cut off, and the dust cover should be covered. Electronic balances should be calibrated regularly from the first use. If used continuously, it is calibrated approximately once a week. Standard weights must be used for calibration, and some balances contain standard weights that can be used to calibrate the balance. Before calibration, the electronic balance must be warmed up for more than 1 hour and checked for level. Calibration should be carried out in accordance with the prescribed procedures, otherwise it will not function as a calibration. Before starting to use the electronic balance, it is required to pre-boot, that is, to warm up for half an hour to one hour. If you want to use it multiple times a day, it is best to let the balance open all day. In this way, the electronic balance can have a constant operating temperature inside, which is conducive to the accuracy of the weighing process.

Errors caused by changes in the measuring device and the measured itself, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, vibration, electromagnetic field, light, etc., due to various environmental factors of the electronic balance being inconsistent with the required standard state. Usually, the indication error generated by the electronic balance instrument under the specified conditions is called the basic error, and the error caused by the use of this condition is called the additional error.

Below is a picture of the European Reed Wei Precision Balance.

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