The nine most common foods that cause illness

One: broth. Rich in purines, is a distribution center for a variety of lean meat and chemical feed toxins. Excessive consumption is the most important culprit for all kinds of acute and chronic pain, is the most direct cause of hardening of the arteries, and is the largest processing plant of various stones. But at the same time, it is also the food with the highest calories. Appropriate amount of food can nourish yin and yang.

II: Salt. Excess is the mother of all diseases, can make the cell dehydrate, make the muscle contract, make the consciousness unclear, make the child hyperactive, make the bride infertile. The right amount is the king of the taste, can promote digestion, increase appetite. WHO recommends daily intake of less than 10 grams per person.

Three: eggs. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the egg yolk is flat and sweet, and makes up the spleen and stomach. Egg white cold sweet, lungs and detoxification. Overdose can easily block capillaries, causing blindness, deafness, and kidney disease. Amount of blood can help puzzle, soothe the nerves.

Four: tea. Cold and bitter taste is the best killer of protein, fat, sugar and calcium, iron. If the daily consumption is within 10 grams, it will clear away heat and detoxify, refresh the eyes and eyes, and give off fluids.

Five: liquor. Sexual heat, sweet and bitter, heart and liver and stomach. Excessive wine is the liver's biggest killer, good at depleting blood damage the stomach, destroy the periosteal and muscle nerves, induce urinary system stones. The right amount is to promote blood circulation, inhibit bitter cold.

Six: pepper. Nutrition is flat. Excessive dry ulcers in the gastrointestinal mucosa disturb the digestive function. Amount of sweat can relieve sweating and relieve the secretion of digestive juices.

Seven: vinegar. Strong acid food containing about 6% acetic acid, the main nutrition is starch. Excessive erosion of epithelial tissue softens the bones. The appropriate amount can eliminate sputum fiber and sterilize the liver.

Eight: soy sauce. Black salt water containing legume protein. Excessive gastrointestinal lesions. The right amount can soften blood vessels and prevent tumor growth.

Nine: fritters. Excess is the main accomplice of encephalopathy and liver disease. A small amount of blood can strengthen bones.

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