New Zealand develops Rex bionic legs to "dismiss" wheelchairs

Release date: 2010-07-27

According to a recent British "Daily Mail" report, 5 years ago, Hayden Allen suffered a motorcycle accident, his spine was severely traumatized, the doctor told him that he could never walk down. But today, the revolutionary product of a New Zealand biotech company, Rex's bionic leg, made him stand up again.
Allen became one of the first beneficiaries of the world's first Rex bionic leg. Rex is the Robotic Exoskeleton, which consists of a pair of bionic mechanical legs that are designed to help patients in wheelchairs not only allow patients to stand, walk, but even allow them to climb stairs and climb slopes. .
Users only need to put on the Rex, fasten the straps, and use the control panel and joystick to control their movements. The entire unit weighs 38 kg and can be individually customized for each user. A lightweight, long-life rechargeable battery can be used to power it for one day per charge. However, customers must conduct medical evaluations before installing the device, and doctors should learn more about their health and adaptability.
Now, technician Allen can walk freely in his workplace and “close contact” with any machine. Richard Rocksberg, a neuroscientist in Auckland, New Zealand, said that Rex was the first device to allow wheelchair patients to stand up and walk freely.
The price of Rex may be $150,000. Rex Biomimetic Technology hopes to test in Auckland as soon as possible, recording the reaction of people who used Rex to move home. At the end of this year, Rex will be listed in New Zealand and will be sold worldwide until the middle of next year.

Source: Science Times

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