Ten applications of ammonium bicarbonate

One bogey leaf spray. Ammonium bicarbonate is highly corrosive to crop leaves and is prone to burn the leaves. Therefore, it cannot be used as a fertilizer for foliar spraying.

Second bogey soil fertilization. When the soil is dry, even if it is covered deeply, the fertilizer cannot be dissolved and adsorbed in time for the absorption and utilization of the crop.

Three avoid high-temperature fertilization. The volatility of ammonium bicarbonate is closely related to the temperature, and the higher the temperature is, the stronger the volatilization is. Therefore, it is not suitable for ammonium bicarbonate to be applied under the hot sun.

4 bogey and alkaline fertilizer mixed application. The use of ammonium bicarbonate in combination with highly basic plant ash, lime, etc., or their simultaneous application will result in loss of nitrogen by volatilization and loss of fertilizer efficiency, so the ammonium bicarbonate must be applied alone.

Five bogey mixed with bacterial fertilizer. Ammonium bicarbonate will give off a certain concentration of ammonia gas after application. If it comes into contact with bacterial fertilizer, it will cause death of viable cells in the fungicide and lose the effect of increasing the yield of bacterial fertilizer.

Six bogey and superphosphate mixed overnight after use. The application of ammonium bicarbonate and superphosphate is better than single application, but it should not be put for a long time after mixing, and it cannot stay overnight, because the superabsorbent of superphosphate will make the compost become slurries or caked. Can not be used.

Seven bogey and urea mixed application. Roots of crops cannot directly absorb urea. Only under the action of urease in the soil, they can be absorbed and utilized by crops after they are converted into ammonium nitrogen. After ammonium bicarbonate is applied to the soil, the soil solution will cause an acidic reaction in the short term, which will accelerate the nitrogen in urea. Loss of volatilization, so ammonium bicarbonate cannot be mixed with urea.

Eight bogey mixed with pesticides. Ammonium bicarbonate and pesticides are chemical substances that are susceptible to hydrolysis by moisture. Mixing the two easily produces chemical reactions that reduce the effectiveness and efficacy of the drug.

Nine bogey to use fertilizer. Ammonium bicarbonate is highly irritant and corrosive. When ammonia gas escaping from the decomposition comes into contact with the seeds, it will smoke the seeds and even burn the embryos, affecting germination and emergence.

Ten bogey topsoil application. Ammonium bicarbonate is used as the base fertilizer. In the dry land, it is necessary to ditch or hit the nest and apply 7 to 10 centimeters. Apply water to cover the soil while covering the sides. Apply the plow at the side of the paddy fields and plow after plowing to make the fertilizer into the mud. improve the utilization.

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