Cherry prone to bugs eat 5 minutes to eat

Cherry contains extremely rich vitamins and trace elements. The British "Daily Mail" recently reported that scientists recently discovered that a cup of cherry juice contains the equivalent of 23 fruits and vegetables, 250 ml of cherry juice protection of the human body than 5 beans, tomatoes, watermelons, carrots Even better with bananas. However, after the cherry rain, the internal prone to insects, difficult to see with the naked eye, it is best to wash after soaking for 5 minutes to eat.

In general, Fresh Potato has smooth, yellow flesh, nature yellow skin.It has naother name which is called Holland Potato. Potato is easy to do the cooking, so Fresh Potato is popular in the daily life. Our company, Jining Forich Fruits & Vegetables Co., Ltd. is a professional company in exporting fresh vegetable and fruits. Fresh Potato is one of our important products, we can supply good quality potato at most competitive price.

1. Commodity name: Holland Potato
2. Feature: smooth, yellow flesh, nature yellow skin, no rotten, no mouldy,and no mechanical damage.
3. Size: 50 - 100g, 100 - 150g, 150 - 200g, 200g and up
4. Packing:

 1) 7kgs/carton, 8kgs/carton,10kg/carton, 20kgs/carton with foam net;  10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag
 2) or according to the clients' requirements
 5. Supply Period:
 a) Spring season: early May - July
 b) Autumn season: end October – early next January  
6.Conveyance:27-30MT/40' HR( loading quantity depending on packing)
7.Transporting and storing temperature: +2 °C

Fresh Potato

Fresh Potato

Fresh Potato,Fresh Holland Potato,Yellow Fresh Potato,Yellow Fresh Holland Potato