Different teas should have different drinking methods

Green Tea Drink

Green tea is very popular in southern China. It is a type of tea that people generally love to drink. Their drinking methods vary with different tea products and in different regions.

High-grade green tea (including various famous teas) is generally used to brew with a transparent glass to show the quality characteristics of tea and is easy to watch. Ordinary eyebrow tea and bead tea are often brewed using a porcelain teacup. Porcelain cups have better insulation properties than glass cups, so that the active ingredients in the tea are easily leached out and a more concentrated tea soup can be obtained. Low-grade tea and green tea, and more use pot drinking method, so that tea and tea residue separation, easy to drink.

In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, most people like Longjing, Biluochun and other famous teas and senior eyebrow tea. When drinking, it is very particular about the cleanliness of the tea set and the quality of the water.

Oolong tea drinking method

Oolong tea production process has many unique features, and soaking method is more exquisite.

Both Fujian and Guangdong in China have preferred Oolong tea. In particular, people in southern Fujian and Chaoshan have paid great attention to tea, tea, tea, and brewing techniques when they drink oolong tea. Most of the drinks are Wuyiyan Tea, Anxi Tieguanyin, and other oolong tea top grades; the tea selection is Ganjing's stream and spring water; the tea set is small and exquisite, and is called “four treasures”, namely: Jade Book (Kettle) , Chaoshan oven (fire stove), Meng Chen tank (teapot), if deep 瓯 (Mao cup). Jade books are flat book pots, they can hold water 4 and 2; Chaoshan ovens are made from iron, small and exquisite, use hard carbon as fuel, and also use sugar cane or olive nucleus as fuel, well pay attention to prevent smoke Flavor into the mouth; Meng Chen cans more from Yixing, the color is purple and expensive, water capacity of about two; the past is a small white porcelain cup, water, but twenty-three money, and more use of Jingdezhen and other products. When drinking tea, put the stove on the edge of the wall, put on the jade book, cook the water, and wash the tea set with clean water. When the water vapor emerges from the next day, use hot water to boil the hot Mengchen jar and make it deep. The bird's dragon tea is put into a can, and the tea volume accounts for about 60% of the can's capacity. After flushing into boiling water, the lid is used to scrape the floating foam on the surface, then the lid is covered, and then the shower is put on the lid with boiling water. If you know how to drink hot water, after 23 minutes, pour the tea soup evenly into the cups. Usually, one pot of tea is poured into four cups. Each cup is half-dipping, and it is gradually added to 80% to make the scent of each cup of tea even. At this time, while slowly savoring, put fresh water into the pot and prepare to brew the second pot of tea. This bubble method, the liquid color is extremely thick, opened the lid, only see the pot full of tea, the amount of soup is very good if the school can only accommodate two or three money tea soup, may not be satisfied, but this drinking method can be fine Taste, long aftertaste, full of delicious, this drink is also known as Kung Fu tea.

When you drink oolong tea, take a look at the tea cup, slowly move from your nose to your mouth, smell it with heat, and taste the flavor. In particular, Wuyi Rock Tea and Tieguanyin have a tea fragrance. When the smell of incense is not a long time, the tea cup is placed at the tip of the nose, but slowly from far to near, back and forth, you can feel the bursts of tea and feel good. Pleasant palate, endless finish.

Tea drinking method

Most of the teas are made from aroma-rich flowers and finely crafted green tea made from tea. Jasmine tea is the most popular flower tea. Drink tea and more use of porcelain cups, take a cup of tea to set up a toast, brewing with boiling water, stamped after 45 minutes to drink. For example, if there are many people who drink tea, they often use the pot drinking method. That is to say, the appropriate amount of tea will be placed in the pot. After brewing for 45 minutes, pour it into a teacup or tea bowl and drink it.

The drinking method of flower tea is similar to that of ordinary green tea, but special attention must be paid to preventing the loss of aroma. The tea utensils and tea used must be clean and have no peculiar smell. It is best to use a white porcelain covered teacup to set off the inherent color of the tea and maintain the aroma of the tea.

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