The effect of installing the anchor on the back wall of the greenhouse

After the completion of the new greenhouse, the vegetable farmer usually sets a steel wire on the walkway of the backslope, and the two sides are fixed to the anchors of the east and west gables. But now that new sheds are becoming wider, more and more membrane ropes and grasshoppers are needed. The pulling force of grasshoppers and film ropes makes this steel wire loose and many growers have no way of doing so.

Recently, when the reporter interviewed the Luocheng Street in Shouguang City, it was discovered that Zhang Qinghua, the vegetable peasant, installed a ground anchor on the back wall of the newly-built greenhouse to solve the problem of loose steel wire.

Zhang Qinghua told the reporter: “The ground anchor is set on the front wall of the back wall, and the spacing is generally set at 3 meters. After the ground anchor is put in place, the limestone and soil shall be placed strictly on the surface and a layer of quicklime shall be sprinkled on the surface to prevent it. During the rain, the muddy water inundates the ground anchors, and after the ground anchors are set, the ground anchors are put through the steel wire, and the grass braids, steel wires and film ropes in the later period can be fixed on this steel wire. It became loose, and the film rope tied to the wire could move back and forth, avoiding the phenomenon of sparse film lamination. Now that the price of the buried anchor is not high, my 80-meter shed spent only 200 yuan."

"Of course, if it is close to the anchor of the grasshopper and film rope, can be directly fixed on the ground anchor, which also avoids the use of wire to fix, the effect is not bad." Zhang added.

It seems that Master Zhang's method of installing the anchor on the back wall of the greenhouse is still really good. The interested vegetable growers may also try it.

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