Several kinds of topdressing methods commonly used in autumn vegetables

In order to meet the need of mineral nutrients for the growth and development of vegetables, vegetables often require more topdressing. Now I will use cabbage as an example to introduce some commonly used top dressing methods to farmers' friends. First, flushing. When the Chinese cabbage is watered, the quantitative fertilizer is sprinkled in the gutter and dissolved, and the water penetrates into the soil around the roots. This method wastes a lot of fertilizer, which is easy to leak and lose in the channel. When the root system does not reach the deep layer, it will also infiltrate part of the fertilizer. Its advantages are simple usage, labor saving and less labor. When there is a serious shortage of fertilizer in a large area, it can be used as the top dressing method. Second, appendage. After the Chinese cabbage has been irrigated with water or rain in the early stage, when the soil is suitable for the soil, it can also be applied to the sorghum or planting lines when it can be applied to the field. This fertilization method is also relatively simple, but there will be a loss of part of the fertilizer composition. Such as ammonium bicarbonate, volatile, can not be used this method; urea can be applied, but only before the cabbage was not used to fill the floor, the operation is not convenient, cabbage needs to be fat and relatively urgent case, should be used Pay attention to chemical fertilizers to avoid leaking into the heart of the leaf. Third, buried facilities. In the middle and late stages of Chinese cabbage growth, trenches are digged and pitted between the rows of plants, and quantitative fertilizers are applied and then filled with soil. The safety should be paid attention when applying. The buried pit should be more than 10 centimeters away from the main root of the cabbage. If it is too close to the root, it can easily damage the root system. In order to prevent negative effects, it must be watered in a timely manner after burial, so that the fertilizer concentration can be reduced and the fertilizer effect can be improved. Fourth, facilities fertilizer. In recent years, with the popularization and application of science and technology, the drip irrigation technology that is matched with it has been widely used, and the fertilization method has become automated. The use of drip irrigation facilities for topdressing is based on the installation of Venturi fertilisers at the site where the water enters the drip irrigation facility and the use of a container to dissolve the fertilizer into the suction pipe filter of Venturi Fertilizer. Fertilizer can then enter the crop automatically with watering. In the soil around the roots. Fertilizer is not easy to volatilize, no loss, although the concentration of fertilizer, but the concentration is small, so safer, save time and work, the effect is good. Fertigation using drip irrigation technology is currently the most scientific and promising method of top dressing. Therefore, the top-dressing of Chinese cabbage can fully utilize this scientific and advanced fertilizer application method. Fifth, spray fertilizer. In addition to paying attention to timely dressing, Chinese cabbage management can be combined with pest control to spray multiple fertilizers. This fertilization method has a small amount, fast fertilizer effect, and can prevent nutrients from being fixed by soil. It is a labor-saving and effective fertilization method. Fertilizers used for foliar spray fertilizers, in addition to commonly used fertilizers such as urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, and compound fertilizers, the fertilizers sold in the market containing a large number of elements and various amino acid components have certain effects. However, the nutrients needed for the growth and development of vegetables mainly come from basal fertilizers and other top dressings, and foliar spray can only be used as a supplementary fertilizer application.

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