How to regulate sugarcane delivery?

After the sugarcane sprouts, the growth of the main stem seedlings has accelerated, and at the same time, the birthing has gradually appeared. At this time, the contradiction between the anti-inhibitory and inhibitory effects of the tiller seedlings and the main stem seedlings is fierce, and the main stem seedlings have a good foundation and will inhibit the occurrence of tiller seedlings. However, when the tiller seedlings are in the cane field, they have not been sealed and the light is adequate. It will help fight the inhibition of the main seedlings. Therefore, in the cultivation of timely supply of water and fertilizer, promote early delivery, improve the effective delivery, to make up for the lack of basic sugarcane seedlings, to ensure adequate seedling population. Some sugarcane varieties have a high rate of tillering. If there are more tillers in the sugarcane field, measures can be taken to embed the seedlings.

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