Tuna processing technology

First, the treatment of the deck 1, to avoid fish jump: After the fish on the deck, can not let it jump, so as not to cause congestion inside the body. After bruising, it will cause 5 times the area of ​​muscle damage, especially in the abdomen, the treatment is: on the carpet, hands and hold the fish's eyes, or hammer the fish's head, but be careful not to break, immediately after the bloodletting . 2, cut tail: usually with a sharp knife in the penultimate section of the dorsal fin between the third section 6 cut off, for the individual larger fish, in order to prevent the tail after cutting off too thin, between the countdown 4 and 5 sections. 3, cut off the pectoral fin posterior blood vessels: usually in the rear of the pectoral fin of the tuna, there are arteries and veins two blood vessels, the knowledge cut off at a separate place, cut off the knife edge deep 5 cm, 4 cm long, the degree of cut should be appropriate, such as the knife cut into too deep Blood will invade the internal flesh, causing waste. Even if the fish has died in the water, the above-mentioned super work must be carried out. 4, cut off the heart before the head artery: the heart of the head artery cut off, wash the fish with seawater to prevent fish body temperature rise, and then carry out blood excretion, operation. Drain the blood to cut a hole in the lining of the gills and use the water pipe to inject the seawater into it. Until it is almost without snow, whether or not the snow is drained is based on the tail. 5. Insertion of pins at the back of the head: The insertion of the pins takes place after the snow treatment is completed. This operation aims to destroy the cartilage of the fish brain and put the fish to death. The pin is inserted at the inner point or depression of the head or the top of the head above the fisheye. 6, to viscera and phlegm: with a sharp knife in the abdomen from the anus to pectoral fin, remove the viscera of the fish, rinse with sea water, the operation should pay attention, attached to the inner wall of the abdominal membrane must be removed, and washed with seawater Abdominal incision is to cut the periosteum along the edge of the gill and remove some of the gills. When removing gills, the back of the gill should be cut as large as possible. It is best to push the blade along the medial side of the gill until it touches the bone. Cut the scorpion straight from the upper part of the gills to make the product feel good. After removing the gills, use a small spoon to remove the meat from the internal bones of the gills, but not to scratch the meat inside the gills. 7. Washing: When scrubbing the fish body, it must be brushed from the tail to the head, and then bathed in sea water. Then the preparation room to the ice-freezing room to make the ice, keep the cold, so that the commercial fish to high quality and high price requirements. Second, the chilling process 1, bilge and bulkhead treatment: bilge and bulkheads should be used to lay 30 cm ice pad, when leaving the bulkhead 30 cm away, and fill the gap with ice. 2, the ice from the fish mouth to the abdominal plug, stuffed with sashimi. 3, Place: Fish flat, fish spacing 30 cm, filled with ice in the middle. Each layer of fish should also maintain a 30 cm layer of ice. The fish should be staggered between the layers to form a triangle. The heads and tails should be turned upside down. After the ice is covered, ice is covered and the ice fish process is over. 4. Knock ice and twice-capped ice: Normally, before the ice-fishing on the second day, the icing of the ice-fish on the previous day should be broken again, covered with ice, and then ice-fished. 5, the temperature of the chilled fish tank is controlled between 0-2, and the maximum is not more than 5-6. The icing preservation period is 12 days, 14 days is the limit, and more than 14 will gradually deteriorate.

Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail

Distal hole aiming is a main difficulty in intrameduallary nail operation. Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail is designed to solve this problem.The advantages:

1. Real-time monitored during drilling process, 100% accuracy in distal hole drilling.

2. Doesn't need stablizer, decrease one incision for patient. shorter time

3.  Doesn't need X-ray in distal hole drilling. Reduce radiation for surgeons.

Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail

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