High-acid juice apple hybrid breeding bear fruit

A few days ago, Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture organized domestic experts to appraise the “High-Yield Suspension Apple Cross Breeding” agricultural development project of Shandong Province undertaken by Laiyang Agricultural College. Professor of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Shandong Agricultural University The appraisal committee chaired by Shu Huairu unanimously held that the overall research of the high-acid juice-making apple crossbreeding breeding program ranks at the international advanced level, and the five new apple varieties that have been selected through crossbreeding have great value in the production. The project uses the column apple “Tramont” as a parent and “Fuji”, “Pulla” and “New Red Star” as the male parents. It has been for 10 years after the actual problems of the lack of dedicated high-acid juice-making apple varieties in China. , Adopting hybrid breeding and modern biotechnology, we have cultivated new varieties of high-acid juice-column apple varieties “Lujia 1”, “Lujia 5”, “Lujia 6” and raw foods with independent intellectual property rights. The new apple varieties “Fu Zao Hong” and “Fu Yan” have applied for the protection of new varieties of agricultural plants. The titratable acid content of the original juice of the three apple varieties was significantly higher than that of the control varieties “Fuji”, “Guangguang”, “Ridean” and “Relin”, which were 0.79%, 0.81%, and 0.64%, respectively. At the same time, it also cultivated excellent fresh apple varieties “Fu Zao Hong” and “Fu Yan”. The five new varieties selected belonged to the original innovation of apple varieties. The implementation of this project will be closely integrated with the leading enterprises, and will be directly evaluated and selected in accordance with international standards. The new high-acid juice production bred has been used as a base promotion product by relevant companies.

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