Management after cherry tree colonization

In order to promote the restoration and growth of the cherry trees planted in the past, we must strengthen the management of fertilizer and water and increase the survival rate of cherry trees.

First, suitable fertilizer. Based on the Application of basal fertilization, one-time quick-release fertilizer can be applied in the middle and late June. In general, a 5-year-old tree can be applied to diammonium phosphate 1.5 to 2 kg. The top dressing in the protected area must be dug in a circular groove at a distance of 50 cm from the trunk, and evenly cover the soil with fertilizer. From August to September, according to the growing situation of cherry trees, one autumn basal fertilization was performed in the early autumn. Organic fertilizers were mainly used, and each cherry tree was planted with about 20 to 30 kg of farmyard manure or 2 to 3 kg of cake manure.

Second, reasonable irrigation. In the period of time after planting, irrigation should be performed once every 1 week or so. Small water should be used for flood irrigation, and flooding should not be used to sink the soil to prevent gaps between roots and soil. After each top dressing, it is advisable to fill a small amount of water, and it is not appropriate to apply fertilizer directly after spraying on the ground. In the fall, it is necessary to properly control the irrigation.

Third, keep dry to keep alive. Use a straw rope or directly cover the cherry trunk with straw, and then use a straw rope to fasten it on the trunk. Then weave the straw rope with water, then wrap the outside of the straw rope with plastic cloth, and finally tie the plastic cloth to the trunk. The plastic cloth is deployed near the soil ball in the lower part of the tree body, and then the base soil is irrigated and covered with a dry pocket. The earth pressure around the film is good, so that the temperature regulation effect of the soil can be used to ensure that there is sufficient temperature and humidity in the space where the trunk is wrapped to save water and ensure the survival of the big tree.

Fourth, spray fertilizer. Foliage top dressing effect is fast, colonization in the year can be in mid-May to mid-June, spraying 0.3% of urea 2 ~ 3 times to promote the growth of leaves. From August to September, 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed for 2~3 times to promote shoot ripening and flower bud differentiation.

V. Drainage during the rainy season. The cherry tree cave opened the drainage ditch around the outside, removing excessive root water from the tree cave, reducing the impact of excessive watering and excessive rainfall.

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