How to buy nursery stock should live

It is difficult to guarantee the quality of nursery stocks through the small-scale seedlings sold by the seedlings. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase high-quality seedlings cultivated by seedlings and scientific research units. The seedlings cultivated by these regular units are highly reliable and of high purity. Once the seedlings have problems, the seller can also find a solution to minimize losses.
Roots are well-sealed and afforested. It is very important that the seedling roots are intact. Generally speaking, the roots of excellent nursery stocks should have more lateral roots and fibrous roots, and be distributed evenly. Roots can not lose water, the length of 20 to 30 cm, fresh and shiny, no discoloration, shrinkage, dry, rot phenomenon.
Seedlings healed well. Select seedlings No matter which method grafted seedlings, we should be optimistic about the healing of grafted and grafted rootstocks. If the grafting interface heals closely, it means grafting survives, otherwise it will be difficult to survive after planting. Others cut the cortex of the tree with a knife ring. The wound healing is similar to the marrying interface. It is purely false grafting.
Seedling heights are different from the biological characteristics of various seedlings, and their seedlings require different specifications. The stem should be stout, well-proportioned, full, dark and light-colored skin, less hair, large leaf marks, and even internodes. Generally, seedling height is 90 to 100 cm. The seedling stem diameter should be measured at 8 to 10 cm above the seedling grafting interface, which is generally 0.8 to 1 cm. In addition, seedlings should also be checked for signs of yellowing, whitening, mosaics, or malformations, such as shrinkage, hypertrophy, or seedlings with spotted ulcers, hair root disease, etc., such as seedlings appearing yellow, withered or branches and roots appear The phenomenon of dryness indicates that the seedlings have a long period of time and the seedlings lose too much water.

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