Cucumber processing products

(1) Cucumber juice.

1 Process flow: Material selection → crushing and seed removal → preheating → filtration → homogenization → canning → sterilization → cooling → finished product.

2 production points:

Choice of materials: Use moderately mature, mildew-free cucumbers, wash, and remove stems.

Break the seeds: Prepare the cucumbers and crush them with a squeezer or manually.

Preheating: The crushing cucumber is rapidly heated to about 80°C to kill the microorganisms attached to the cucumber, and destroy the pectinase, oxidase, and stabilize the vitamins so as to increase the juice yield.

Rough and fine filtration: After the cucumber is squeezed, the juice is obtained by rough filtration and fine filtration.

Ingredients: Cucumber juice, sugar and other moderate mixing.

Homogenization cans: After homogenization with a high pressure homogenizer, cans are loaded.

Sterilization and cooling: The boiling water is rapidly sterilized to about 38°C after being sterilized for about 15 minutes.

Inspection storage: Wipe dry and paste the label into the warehouse.

(2) sauce cucumber.

1 Process flow: Material selection → salting → drying → sauce system.

2 production points:

Raw materials: Choose fresh, crisp, and innocuous cucumbers.

Salting, drying: After salting and drying cucumbers, make melon embryos.

Sauce: According to the cucumber paste, soy sauce, sweet pasta sauce 3:1:1 ratio. Embed a layer of sauce in the tank, until the material is removed. 2 times a day to make the melon embryo absorb the sauce and be covered with sauce. After about 40 days, the sauce is ready and can be stored in the closed cylinder.

(3) sweet and sour cucumber.

Production points: use young crisp cucumbers, put in 8% -10% salt solution, remove them when the cucumber is translucent, soak in clean water, remove excess salt, remove and drain water, dip into the prepared Sweet and sour liquid inside. The concentration of sugar in the sweet and sour liquid is about 25%, and the concentration of vinegar is 3.5%. A small amount of raw materials such as cloves, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, ginger, and soybean meal are added to the sweet and sour liquid, and the spice cloth bag is immersed in the liquid, heated to 80-90° C. for 1 hour, and then dissolved in white sugar. Store at low temperatures and feed at any time.

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