Discussing rearing and management of sows with self-supporting individuals

Yesterday, netizen “weilan” and the company’s technical department manager went to the market for a day and went to individual households to raise a dozen sows in poor condition. Doing B-display: After 45 days, the air-breathing rate has reached 50%. It is not optimistic. The breeding level is not OK. It is either too fat or too thin. The elimination rate is high. I would like to say to you here: The most important thing for your pig farm is your sow. Be kind to them. First: Give them a good environment, especially when the North is getting colder and colder. It should be warmer and lighter than the size of your fat pigs. It is better not to limit the columns. You have to use floor drains when you use them. The big column of concrete floor is being plaited on grass in winter and the sow has nothing to eat. She timely cleans the excreta and reduces ammonia. I am not afraid of the wind and I am afraid of the wind. At night, I pay attention to the feces on the second plug: feed problems, whole pigs The dry sows on the farm are the most tired. They must be nutritionally balanced. To achieve the best quality feed, everyone may be aware that moldy feed should be used with mycotoxin. However, there is actually not much degumming agent that is qualified. The best The choice is not to use raw materials with poor quality. When buying soybean meal, we must pay attention to whether it is true or false. Some manufacturers of fake soybean meal will add melamine. When testing, they will show high protein. In fact, it is low-energy, and it is better to use reputable manufacturers. Concentrate, and sow dedicated full-price material. Third: management of gilts. Retailers generally love to select good sows in fattening pigs, which is also okay. However, when the reserve gilt special material is isolated around 60 kg, it is necessary to pay attention to the addition of VE powder to promote the development of the sow's reproductive system. At 6 months of age, it is necessary to pay attention to increase the amount of exercise of the sow, and it can also promote development and improvement. After mating, do a good job of vaccine.

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