Xi'an mooncake coupon expired Mid-Autumn Festival expired Shanghai cleared expired void clause

Near the Mid-Autumn Festival, some citizens said that the moon cake coupons in their hands were even obsolete on the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and that the business practices were unreasonable. The reporter then visited and found that many moon cake merchants in Xi'an printed on the moon cake coupons with the words “a certain deadline” and “abolished expired”. The media recently reported that Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau took the lead in this year to break this rule and to eliminate the “overlord clause” of moon cake coupons.

Citizens: In order to collect time for the Mid-Autumn Festival before the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes come on stage. Some units have issued holiday benefits to employees, and mooncake coupons are often an indispensable promotional tool for manufacturers. The reporter randomly interviewed several passers-by. The interviewees included mall administrators, accountants and teachers. Nearly 60% said that holiday units such as the Mid-Autumn Festival will provide welfare in kind, and two adults will receive a shopping card or cash. The rest will get a shopping ticket. Ms. Cheng said: “A few days ago the unit issued a voucher, the face value is not small, but the deadline is September 29, and it also says that it has expired. This is obviously the overlord clause!” Mr. Ho said that any industry There are rules and regulations, moon cakes have a shelf life, moon cake coupons have time constraints can be understood, but should consider the consumer's time schedule.

Business: moon cake is a seasonal product moon cake coupons expired with the doubts of Ms. Cheng and others, the reporter visited the market in Xi'an, several moon cake sales business. Yu Pinxuan sales staff told reporters that the moon cake coupons in the shop have not yet been issued, but according to the past, this year's deadline will probably be around the 26th. A staff member of the hollyland cake shop said: “The denomination of moon cake coupons is the same as the price of mooncakes. The deadline for this year is September 29.” The staff of Tanghua Hotel said that the hotel has 168 yuan and 328 yuan. Two moon cakes, moon cake coupons are also these two prices, the deadline is also the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival. All three merchants stated that the moon cakes are seasonal products and that the moon cake coupons expired. If the citizens did not receive them within the prescribed time, the moon cake coupons after the expiration date will not be exchanged for other commodities or discounted. There are five ways in which moon cake coupons can be used during the course of their use. “At present, our province has not issued similar regulations.” Wei Heping, deputy secretary-general of the Shaanxi Association of Consumers and Consumers, said that cake coupons or shopping vouchers were issued after consultation between the unit and the company. When negotiating a clear date of invalidation or service time limit, it does not belong to the Overlord Clause. On the contrary, if it is a business unilaterally stipulated and the consumer is ignorant, it is a bully clause. If consumers are overdue in the process of using coupons, and believe that their legitimate rights and interests have been violated, they may exercise rights through self-negotiations, administrative appeals, application for arbitration, appeals to the courts, and complaints to the Consumers Association.

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