Management before grape shed

1. Pruning After pruning the grapes, pruning occurs in mid-November in November. When the pruning leaves 2 to 3 vines for selection, leave the two main vines to trim their tips (5 to 7 buds) and cut them at 1 to 1.5 centimeters on the shoots to prevent evaporation of water from the buds and cause dry branches to increase. After cutting, the two branches are pulled into the horizontal direction, which can promote the uniform germination of the shoots.

2. Clear the garden When the winter pruning is completed, clean the fallen leaves and dead branches in the garden, and incinerate or bury the cleaned debris (it can not be used as a fertilizer for defoliation) to reduce the residues of pathogen eggs and spread. At the same time, Baume 5 degree lime sulfur was used to spray grape branches, poles, walls and ground.

3. Apply base fertilizer in the greenhouse without applying basal fertilizer in autumn to make up the basal fertilizer, mainly using decomposed farmyard fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers. General Mu Shi decomposed organic fertilizer 3000 ~ 4000 kg, nitrogen fertilizer 8 ~ 10 kg, phosphate fertilizer 35 ~ 40 kg, potassium fertilizer 10 ~ 15 kg, or NPK fertilizer 40 ~ 50 kg plus micro fertilizer 20 ~ 25 kg and organic fertilizer After mixing, apply furrows on each line.

4. Watering the film covered the shed before the pouring water, and cover the black mulch one week before the water is completely infiltrated.

Seed Kernel

Nuts include peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, cashew nuts, pine nuts, pistachios, ginkgo, lotus seeds, etc. nuts are excellent food with rich nutrition.
Nuts have been with people and become an important part of people's diet since the era when people lived by hunting and gathering.

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