161 vegetable samples exceeded 4

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Hefei City Agricultural Economic and Technical Supervision and Administration Station that the latest issue of Hefei Vegetable Pesticide Residue Test Report showed Hefei City, Huacai City, Leek City, Wanguo Farmers Market, Eggplant, Feixi Yangguitang Vegetable City, Cabbage, Tangjiang Town, Tangchi County Convolvulus has excess pesticide residues.

From August 28th to 31st, Hefei Agricultural Economic and Technical Supervision and Administration Station had four vegetable markets, including Anjuyuan Caishi, Xinghuacai City, Wanguo Farmers Vegetable Market and Feixi Yangguitang Vegetable Market in the city, and Bailong Town in Feidong County. The samples were collected from five vegetable bases including Shangpai Town in Feixi County, Xiatang Town in Changfeng County, Tangchi Town in Lujiang County, and Nihe Town.

Yesterday, the test report came out. It is reported that a total of 161 vegetable samples were tested, 157 qualified and 4 exceeded, with a pass rate of 97.5%. Among them, the vegetable market sampled 75, qualified 72, pass rate of 96%; base sampling 86, qualified 85, pass rate 98.8%.

According to the report, the locations and varieties that exceeded the standards were as follows: Amaranthaceae City Amaranth, Wanguo Farmers Market Eggplant, Feixi Yang Guitang Caishi Cabbage, Tangjiang Township of Tangjiang County (Vegetable Base) exceeded the standard.

It is reported that in each phase of Hefei, there are not less than 5 samples of vegetables and fruits sampled at various farmers' markets and supermarkets, and no fewer than 2 sampling samples are taken from each production base, and the total number of samples monitored per phase is not less than 90.

Supervised vegetable monitoring samples were mainly cucumbers, peppers, celery, kidney beans, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, bean sprouts and strawberries, and grapes. The main monitoring fruits and vegetables include organic phosphorus, carbamates, pyrethroids and other pesticide residues that need to be detected.

Tomato Fish Curd

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2. Add the side dish into the pot and wait for 2-3 minutes

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