Regulation method of summer pigeons' nutritional disorders

Nutritional disease generally refers to a disease caused by the lack of a nutrient in the body and the inability of the body to maintain normal physiological and exercise needs. The frequent nutritional deficiencies are protein deficiency, vitamin deficiency and inorganic salt deficiency.

First, increase vitamins and other drugs

Summer feeding of vitamin C and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) can effectively reduce heat stress and increase feed utilization. Stress can cause a relative lack of certain trace elements in the body of the bird. Therefore, proper supplementation of zinc, iodine, chromium, and other elements can maintain acid-base balance and reduce stress responses. Some natural Chinese herbal medicines have anti-stress functions, such as uncracked sedatives such as Uncaria rhynchophylla, zao ren, etc., or Chinese herbal medicines for clearing away heat and reducing heat, cooling heat and cooling blood: gypsum, astragalus, bupleurum, lotus leaf, isatis root, dandelion Rehmannia root, Pulsatilla chinensis etc. can relieve heat stress.

Second, increase the nutrient concentration, against the decline in eating

Heat stress causes the feed intake of the pigeons to fall and the body's nutrient intake to fall, which in turn affects the exertion of the pigeons' physical fitness. At this time should be fed less high-calorie materials such as corn, should be fed with protein-containing nutrients. In order to reduce the occurrence of summer malnutrition diseases, appropriate preventive measures should be taken.

1. It is necessary to do a summer cooling. Such as strengthening ventilation, blocking light, etc., in order to minimize the impact of heat stress, increase feed intake, reduce nutrient loss in the body, to ensure the normal metabolism of the body.

2. Pay attention to the storage time and conditions of the feed. It is best to use fresh feed, and it should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool place. When used, it should also be supplemented with nutrients (such as vitamins, proteins, etc.) in order to make up for the lack of nutrients in the feed.

In summer, the temperature is high, the pigeon's appetite decreases, and feed intake decreases. Therefore, the nutrient concentration of the feed must be properly increased, that is, the proportion of protein, vitamins, and minerals in the diet should be appropriately increased to meet the needs of nutrition and enhance the ability to regulate body temperature. Feeds with higher nutrient concentrations are best fed at night.

Third, pigeon pigeon feed additives and its use

Pigeon feed additives are used in combination with various trace ingredients added to the daily feed, including synthetic amino acids, vitamin preparations, trace elements, and antibiotics. Please note the following when using it.

1. To "prescribe the right medicine," avoid blindly. (1) Appropriate selection of feed additives should be used according to different growth stages of the pigeons. (2) According to the deficiency of the nutrient content of the feed used in this house, select the corresponding additive in order to achieve the nutritional balance and maximize the utilization rate and conversion rate of the racing pigeon feed.

2. Master the dosage. In the case of a large proportion of roughage and a small proportion of fine material, the amount may be slightly increased. In general, use Add as per their instructions.

3. Try to avoid cross-use. Feed additives of the same application can only be added in one form. Additives for different purposes need to be mixed and used. It should be checked whether their effects are mutually inhibited. Otherwise, it will cause waste and affect the growth of the carrier pigeons.

4. Formulated feeds containing additives should be fed wet and not cooked at high temperatures. All additives such as vitamins, amino acids, antibiotics, and enzyme preparations are easily wasted at high temperatures.

5. Store in a cool, dry place to prevent mold loss. It's best to buy it now. Don't add it to mildewed feed.

6. Stir evenly. A step-by-step stirring method can be adopted. First, a small amount of feed and additives are mixed, and then the rest of the feed is mixed, and the mixture is mixed several times and turned over several times to achieve evenness.

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