Crops buy four attention

Whether crops can increase production or increase income, the quality of seeds is the key. In order to avoid the loss caused by the purchase of counterfeit seeds, attention should be paid to improving the ability to identify counterfeit seeds. The following points are for reference. One must pay attention to the selection of business licenses. Seed suppliers with legal qualifications must not purchase seeds in unlicensed stores, street stalls, and seed merchants selling in villages. Don't forget to ask the supplier to open a valid invoice (or seed quality credit card) when purchasing the seed, and keep the purchase invoices and seed bags in a safe place for the seed quality to be well documented. Second, attention should be paid to checking the seed description or the species profile. The contents should include suitable areas for cultivation, characteristics, and cultivation measures. There is no need to purchase the manual and the description of the species, so as to prevent being deceived. Third, we must pay attention to checking whether the packaging standardizes the seeds distributed by professional seed companies. The outer packagings are more standard and stressful. The quantity, quality indicators, manufacturers, operating license numbers, origins, and contact telephone numbers are clearly marked. Fourth, pay attention to see the seeds marked on the seed bag date of production without indicating the date of production of the seeds and do not buy.

FUXIBIO FFP2 Mask manufactured by Careable Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

  • High filtration Efficiency
  • In Chinese PPE Export Whitelist
  • Two Models:CARE002 with Aluminum Nose Clip CE NB2163,CARE003 with Inside Nose Clip CE NB2797
  • Low Breathing Resistance: Flow Rate≥95 L/Min
  • Real FFP2 Standard: Test agent in (≤3μm) DOP,  Penetration≤6%
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

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