Summer and autumn light trapping method

In the summer and autumn nights, using grassland or field resources, rely on high-brightness lights, preferably with high-pressure mercury lamps, to attract insects into shallow pools of about 1 cm under the lights for chicken consumption. According to the density of the insects and the condition of the chickens, the lights are turned on for 1 to 2 hours every night, and they can be fed once a day in the morning. There are three benefits to raising chickens like this:
First, simple and easy, labor and materials. Do not engage in infrastructure construction, then take the wires and set up a lamp, spread plastic sheets on the line, everyone will do, everyone can do it, do it immediately, save 66% more than the traditional way of raising chickens.

Second, meat and chicken can be, big chickens are suitable. From the perspective of nutrition, eco-raising chickens eat insects that are all animal proteins. Therefore, chickens grow fast, have plump feathers, have strong resistance to diseases, produce more eggs, and have good meat quality. They have strong competitiveness in the market.

Third, less investment, high efficiency, is a good project for getting rich. The input is very small, four months to slaughter, a chicken consumes more electricity once, from the catch to slaughter about 6 yuan feed input is enough, and four months of slaughter each chicken can sell about 17-18 yuan, remove the cost Each chicken has a net profit of about RMB 10, which has a considerable profit.

Machine Dried Kelp

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