Prevention and cure of cow's laminitis

Prevention: Regularly trim and wash the hooves, pour 1% copper sulphate solution into the sprayer with a spray nozzle, spray directly on the forks of the cows, and spray once every other day.

Treatment: Baoding diseased cattle six columns, with 1% potassium permanganate solution to clean the affected hoof, repair the bottom of the shoe, expand the decay cavity into an anti-funnel shape, let it out of the blood, with potassium permanganate powder Fill the wound to stop bleeding. Then use 3% to 5% of potassium permanganate solution to dry and dry the blood to the end of the debridement wound cavity, and then use the red hot axe branding iron, so that the combination of blood plasma melting and keratin If you create a deep cavity, it is best to be layered and melted, with a bandage hole fixed, check every 5 to 7 days, if the bandage does not fall off without treatment, otherwise make up again, the general treatment of secretions more, it should be After the routine treatment, the lesions were in the dehydration regeneration stage and then closed with blood drain.

It is a cooked egg made from various seasonings or gravy. Marinated eggs are a popular food in the delicatessen market for eggs and are generally popular with the people.
In the vast Chinese cuisine, the eggs are really inconspicuous. Although it can't be elegant, it is common in the dining table of ordinary people. A delicate, smooth, salty, palatable, chewy, mellow, inexpensive, and delicious egg, can be used as a meal or as a dish, warm and poor, simple and honest. Eat a kind of peace and tranquility, a real satisfaction, who can not see, but often infinitely reminiscent of the people snacks.

Egg Snacks

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