Characteristics of special wild boar industry

High-quality green food, no pollution, no residue Special wild boar eat natural fodder, mainly green fodder, and appropriate amount of some grain feeds. The meat does not contain hormones and toxic substances, without any pollution and residue, and is a high-quality green food. Today, when the environment is seriously polluted, the “special wild boar” meat is unique in its health, safety and pollution-free green food advantages, and it is highly favored by consumers.

Special nutritional and health value, good diet and nourishing effect "Special wild boar" meat is rich in protein, nutrient price, fresh meat, rich game flavor, and is highly linoleic acid, leaps into the middle of the meat and provides nourishing foods for medicinal purposes. Aquaculture.
Linoleic acid is the most important essential fatty acid in human body. It can not be synthesized in the body and can only rely on food intake. Linoleic acid has unique effects on human metabolism, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health care and anti-tissue cell oxidation. It is indispensable for human cell nutrition. The lack of nutrition will cause changes in the mitochondrial structure of the cells, leading to systemic metabolic disorders. Linoleic acid binds with cholesterol to form lipids, degrade cholesterol, prevent vascular sclerosis, and prevent hypertension. Linoleic acid has the effect of anti-tissue cell oxidation, can delay cell aging and prolong human lifespan. Linoleic acid can promote metabolism in the human body and has a good effect on the growth and development of adolescents. Therefore, “special wild boar” meat has a variety of special nutritious dietary and health care functions and is a newly discovered high-quality health food dietary product.

Gauze Roll

Structure and composition: It is made of 100% pure cotton thread and woven into plain weave cotton cloth of various widths, then, degreasing, bleaching and drying.


Product performance: It is white and odorless, soft to the touch, does not contain cotton leaves, cotton seed shells or other impurities, and has good water absorption performance.


Model specifications: Non-sterile type, roll type. The specifications are 90CM / 100CM / 120CM * 1000M / 1500M / 2000M, etc.


Packing: White chicken skin paper naked package, and then set with PE plastic bag, packaged with external woven cloth.


Scope of application: It is mainly used for raw materials of medical accessories and clinical use of medical units.

Absorbent Gauze Roll

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