Measures for Preserving Rotten Grapes after Pruning

First, sparsely retained piles: If the sparse shearing and shearing do not leave a certain length of the residual piles, it is easy to cause vine rot. The length of the stump should be determined by the size of the dendrite.

Second, less damage the main vine: grape vine is the main organ for storage of nutrients. If the main vine is damaged too much and too heavy, it will not only cause the main vine to rot, but also affect its growth and fruiting. Therefore, the wounds on the main vine when trimming should not be too close to each other, but should also avoid causing "mouth injury".

Third, the wound protection: for the old vines to update the diameter of more than 2 cm in the wound and wound on the main vine, in order to avoid wound infection bacteria, should be applied after the pruning general tree + wound anti-corrosion film, can protect the wound healing Tissue growth, pest control falls on the tree reproduction. Fourth, the spring cut pile: The residual pile left in the winter cut, due to the different diameters of the dendrite and different length, especially for the one-year-old vines to retain a short stub, can be cut off in the spring when the buds.

Vitamin & Nurtures Medicine

Calcium Gluconate Inj. 10% 10ml 50amps/Box
FeSO4 + Folic Acid Tab.(200mg+1mg) 1000`S/Tin
Neurozin (Vitamin Complex) Syrup 240ml 1's/Bottle
Vitamin A+D Soft Capsule 10,000+3,000iu 500`S/Tin
Vitamin B1 Injection 100mg/Ml 10'sx10tray/Box
Vitamin B Complex Injection (B12+B1+B6) 2ml
(B1+B2+B6) 10ml
Vitamin B6 Inj. 100mg/Ml 10'sx10tray/Box
Vitamin B12 Inj. 1mg/2ml 0.5mg/Ml 100amps/Box
Vitamin C Inj. 500mg/5ml
Mutifavoured Tablet 1g
Vitamin D3 Inj. 600mg/Ml 10`s/Box
Vitamin K1 Inj. 10mg/Ml 10`s/Box
Vitamin K3 Inj. 10mg/Ml 10`s/Box

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