How to use feed additives - probiotics

Probiotics are compound biological preparations that have been purified, purified, and dried by the use of animal beneficial microorganisms approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. They are ideal green additives for reducing or replacing antibiotics.
First, the basic concept and type of prebiotics Probiotics is a live microbiological feed additive. It is a live microbial preparation containing beneficial microorganisms and their metabolites based on microecological theory, and it maintains the microecological balance in the intestine. Play a role. It has various functions such as preventing and treating diseases, enhancing immunity, promoting growth, increasing body weight, etc., and has no pollution, no residue, no resistance to drugs.
The types of probiotics are: common probiotics, probiotics, enzyme-producing probiotics, and live probiotics. The viable probiotic is also the “fourth generation probiotic”. It is an advanced animal fermentation microbe approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. It uses advanced mobile fermentation technology to purify medicinal plants and extracts through inoculation, packaging, and fermentation. Fermentative microecological preparations are ideal feed additives for reducing or replacing antibiotics.
Second, the role of probiotics
1. Competition excludes the concept of competitive exclusion by adding the culture of the selected beneficial microorganisms to the feed and competing with potentially harmful bacteria for adhesion sites and organic substrates (mainly carbon and energy). Probiotics colonize and multiply in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the adhesion of other bacteria, including harmful strains such as E. coli (E. coli) or Salmonella. Undoubtedly, probiotics potentially reduce the risk of infection and intestinal disorders.
2. Bacterial-resistant probiotic microorganisms, once established in the intestine, produce bactericidal or bacteriostatic substances (bacteriocins) such as lactoferrin, lysozyme, hydrogen peroxide, and several organic substances. These substances have a detrimental effect on harmful bacteria, mainly due to the lower intestinal pH. The decrease in pH partially compensated for the lack of gastric acid secretion in weaned piglets. In addition, competition between probiotics and other bacterial energy and nutrients inhibits the growth of pathogens.
3. Medicinal plants and extracts Medicinal plants have been fermented to increase the utilization of active ingredients, improve palatability, and decompose toxic and harmful ingredients. Play a stomach digestion, prevent disease and promote long.
4, to prevent the accumulation of toxic substances through the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, metabolism and decomposition of toxins, such as mycotoxins, toxic amines, ammonia, bacterial toxins, ammonia free radicals. Probiotics contain nitrifying bacteria that prevent the synthesis of toxic amines and ammonia and purify the intestinal micro-environment of animals.
III. Matters needing attention in the use of probiotics
1. The relationship with antibiotic additives: Taking broilers as an example, one week or so after the start of feeding probiotics, one day or more, use up to one antibiotic to prevent disease, or chicken disease must be treated with antibiotics, and use probiotics when you stop using probiotics.
2. When probiotics are added to drinking water, animal drinking water should be disinfected one or two days in advance. Reduce the amount of disinfectant or add probiotics before drinking.
3. Avoid using with feeds with antibiotics, otherwise it will affect the use of probiotics.
4, This product should be used as soon as possible after opening the package, so as to avoid product failure.
Today, probiotics are widely used as feed additives in the feed industry, and have played a positive role in preventing animal diseases, promoting animal growth, and increasing production in the aquaculture industry. However, the long-term use of probiotic feed additives will cause bacteria to develop resistance and cause negative effects such as the presence of antibacterial drugs in livestock products, which needs attention.

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