Fruit tree draw prevention

In recent years, due to the influence of atmospheric circulation, uneven drought, rain, rain, and uncoordinated high-temperature and cold conditions, coupled with inadequate management measures, young fruit trees often suffer from “draft” deaths. The prevention methods are as follows:
Reasonable drainage control

The soil moisture content maintains 50% to 60% of the maximum water holding capacity in the field, prompting the branches to be full and robust.

Choosing cruciferous autumn vegetables between rows

Autumn vegetables are prone to floating dust, and floating dust on the trees spawns, which will aggravate young trees. Should pay attention to spray omethoate, insecticide or pyrethroid insecticides.

Buried in the cold

In the autumn, the seedlings should be overwhelmed by the seedlings before winter, buried in cold, and the seedlings should be allowed to go to the soil in the spring.

Smear protector

Immediately after the autumn, dry it and apply a protective agent or sealing oil on the wound or scissors.

Peripheral building

Before the soil is frozen, 50-60 cm high semi-circular soil shall be built 50 centimeters from the base of the trunk to increase soil temperature and promote early thawing of rhizosphere soil.

White trunk

Whitening agent formula: 5 kg of quicklime, 0.5 kg of salt, 15 liters of water, 0.25 kg to 0.5 kg of fine bean flour or 600 times of "6501" adhesive. Preparation method: Put quick lime and salt in the tank, then pour into water, wait until the lime matures, and then pour the adhesive, stir and use. When coating branches, pay attention to the south side of the branches to be coated and uniform.

Tree tray covered with grass or film

After the deciduous or Spring Festival, the agricultural film covers the plate or the summer and autumn covers 20 cm thick wheat straw and weeds to make the soil thawed earlier.

Spray tree protection agent

From mid-February to mid-March, three times of carboxymethyl cellulose or 20% to 30% of polyvinyl alcohol was sprayed to form a protective film on the stems to inhibit water evaporation.

Grease coating method

After deciduous till early March, fresh pig belly is wrapped around the base of the trunk and the trunk and branches are wiped from the bottom upwards to form a thin oil coating layer, which can reduce water loss and prevent drawing.


In early February, 2 to 3 centimeters wide plastic film strips are used to bind branches to prevent water loss.

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