Do you drink pure water or drink tap water?

It may be considered an incredible thing to discuss drinking water in previous years. However, it is indeed a living fact before us. Currently, there are various types of water listed on the market. In addition to mineral water, various types of water including pure water, space water, and distilled water emerge. So what kind of water to drink? We first understand what the different water.

(1) What is soft water or hard water?

We measure the total concentration of calcium and magnesium ions contained in the water using the “hardness” indicator. Each liter of water contains 10 mg of calcium oxide equivalent to 1 degree, ie, a concentration of 10 ppm. Water with a hardness of less than 8 degrees is soft water, and hard water with a hardness higher than 8 degrees.

(2) Do you drink hard water or soft water?

To understand whether it is good to drink hard water or soft water, first understand the relationship between calcium and magnesium ions and human health. Calcium and magnesium ions are essential daily human body nutrients, if the water has a certain hardness, by drinking water can be added to a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions. If you are someone who takes soft water for a long time, you need to supplement it by other means. However, water hardness is too high and too low is not good, because the hardness of water is closely related to some diseases. In regions with high water hardness, the incidence of cardiovascular disease in the population is low, but the incidence of kidney stones increases with the hardness of water. Most of southern China is soft water, and northern areas are mostly hard water. China's drinking water regulations do not exceed 25 degrees, and the most suitable drinking water has a hardness of 8-18 degrees, which is mild or moderate hard water.

The softness and hardness of the water are also related to the taste. Hard water is refreshing. Most mineral waters have high hardness, which makes people feel refreshing and delicious. Soft water appears to be light and tasteless. However, using hard water to make tea and brewing coffee will affect the taste. Some food processing water is more stressful, hydraulic will affect food processing, easy to cause protein precipitation, inorganic salt precipitation or more difficult to cook, and drink water and soft water is better. Boiler water should generally be hardened by hard water, otherwise accidents may occur due to too much scale.

(3) Do you drink pure water or drink tap water?

At present, the opinions of experts are inconsistent as to whether drinking pure water or drinking tap water is good. Some experts believe that drinking water is a supplement of water and there is no need to consider nutritional issues. Other experts believe that there are many trace elements and inorganic salts in tap water that are beneficial to humans. So what nutritious water in the end? 1000 ml of water, zinc, iron content of less than 0.2 mg, adults need to add zinc daily 10 mg -15 mg, iron 12 mg -18 mg. The daily intake of less than 1 milligram of trace elements from the water is insignificant compared to the trace elements required by the human body. However, the higher calcium and magnesium content in the water can still benefit the human body. The real pure water is filtered through layers, and generally removes impurities, trace elements, inorganic salts and pathogenic bacteria in the water. It is safe, non-toxic, non-polluting, and is good for the human body. The missing elements can be Ingested from food. Therefore, if economic conditions permit, what is purchased is pure water, which is human progress. However, due to the fact that the production of purified water is not standardized at the moment, there is a lot of confusion. If you purchase unqualified products, it will be harmful to your health.

So what's the problem with drinking tap water? Tap water is produced under strict control of the quality of the tap water plant. Drinking tap water can be assured. However, it is worth noting that some high-rise building water tanks contain pollution. As for the scale of tap water, it is caused by calcium and magnesium ions in the water. It has no adverse effects on the body. The tap water is economical and the ordinary working-class people are not necessarily catching up with the new trend of the market.

In short, there is no need to think too much about the issue of drinking water. Drinking water means supplementing water and there is no need to worry about nutrition. As for what kind of water to drink, it should depend on economic conditions and whether it is true pure water.

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