Celery Cultivation - Soften Cultivation

Celery is the edible vegetable for the petiole. If the cultivation and management are not fine, the fiber will increase and lose its food value. The use of softening cultivation of celery can reduce the content of cellulose, decompose the chlorophyll in the petiole, form lutein, and reduce the secretion of oil glands, thereby increasing the value of food and increasing yield. Softening cultivation methods are:

Pile softening method celery spacing 33 ~ 40cm. Seed height 35 ~ 50cm, the first application of heavy fertilizer, and even poured three times the water. After 5 to 7 days (days), bundle the bases of each cluster with straw and loosen the soil once to make the soil a little dry. Then, bury the soil on both sides of the plants and tap the soil to make the soil surface smooth. The first earth is about 33mm thick, and once every 2~3d (days), it is earthed once again. This way, the earth is continuously cultivated for 5~6 times and the height is about 20~25cm, so that the heart of the plant is exposed and the buds will not be injured. It is best to cultivate soil on sunny days and the soil is not wet after noon. After about 30 days (days) can be harvested.

Hoard softening method spacing 33 ~ 40cm. When the height of seedlings is about 35cm, the plants are first raised and erected upward to expose the soil between rows. Then two pieces of bamboo, milling or plastic plates of length 1.7 to 3.5m, width of 13 to 17cm, thickness of 2 to 3cm can be placed on both sides of the celery plant, and both ends of the plate are fixed by wooden stakes. . In the middle of the two plates, the soil is 13 to 17 cm thick, so that the plants are not affected by the injury. The soil does not fall into the cabbage, so as to avoid plant rot. Early celery must be cultivated 1 or 2 times, and harvested after about 30 days (days).

The bamboo softening method and the seedling height are the same as above, and the long slender bamboo poles are used to clamp the plant petiole along the planting line. Show up and between. Both ends of bamboo are tied with grass or nylon flies, and then soil is graded according to the method of soil softening, generally about 30 days (days) can be harvested.

The natural softening method is a soft, half-shadow planting. The autumn sown celery is planted in rows of 7cm7cm and spaced in rows, each cluster containing 3 to 4 plants. About 20 to 28cm around the edge of the soil, with straw or reeds, thatched grass made around the perimeter. Before plant closure, cultivating 2 or 3 times, combined with cultivating nitrogen fertilizer 3-5 times, to promote plant tillering, leaf growth and flourishing, covering the top seal line as soon as possible, so that the petiole grows in a dark environment, to achieve petiole softening purposes .

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