Weight detection machine - a good helper for small and medium-sized enterprises

In the food, pharmaceutical or daily chemical industries, most of the products enter the market in small or medium-package (weight not exceeding 1kg). Some companies manually check the weight of the product before leaving the factory, but this sampling does not guarantee that all products are qualified. Is there a device that automatically detects the weight of the product on the assembly line? The weight detector can achieve 100% on-line inspection. It can control the upper and lower limits of product weight within the specified range. It is a good assistant for enterprise online weight control.
In the minds of some companies, the investment in a weight detector may be larger. But actually calculating the investment income from the weight detector can make these companies eliminate concerns. Zhongshan Weipike Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. once calculated an account for a famous Japanese chemical company. The washing powder produced by the company weighs 500g per bag, and the unit price is 7 yuan. The output of the product is 50 bags per minute. Calculated on a daily basis for 20 hours, the daily output is 50 x 60 x 20 = 60,000 bags. Because the company does not allow products to have negative deviations, based on the consideration of the filling stability of the filling machine, the company will pack about 20g per package of washing powder during filling to ensure that the product reaches 100% pass rate, but this way For the enterprise, the waste of cost will be great.
Wipak's weight inspection machine can control the weight of each package of washing powder within the range of +3g. Overweight products with a filling volume greater than this range will be automatically removed from the production line by the weight detector. After calculation, the weight detector can save about 1.0 tons of washing powder per day, worth about 14,000 yuan. The price of a Wipak weight detector is less than 40,000 yuan (less than 1/3 of some joint ventures). In less than a few days, the company can recover equipment investment, and the monthly cost of the enterprise. Saving is a huge profit.
After calculating the investment income account, the company tried a weight detector. After the trial, the company was very satisfied with the results. In less than half a year, it invested more than 20 weight detectors.
The weight detector is different depending on the load cell selected. Can be divided into digital and analog. The digital weight detector has high precision and stable performance, and is the first choice for enterprises with high requirements for symmetrical quantity accuracy and high product prices. Zhongshan Weipike Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has adopted the world's advanced digital load cell, and the strong cost performance has enabled the domestic production line to popularize the weight detection machine as soon as possible.

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