Garlic feed additive processing method

First, the role of garlic feed additives
1. Adding crushed and chopped raw garlic in a 3-5 % ratio of broiler chicken diet will not only increase the appetite of broilers and improve the quality of chicken meat, but also make the aroma of chicken more intense, and it can significantly improve the day of broilers. Weight gain. Adding 0.2% dry garlic powder to the chick diet can increase chick survival by 5.8-15.6%. Adding 2% garlic premix to the laying hens' diets can increase egg production by 98%. Adding 2% garlic premix to the broiler breeder diet can increase egg production by 5.6%. The use of allicin (refined and processed from garlic), organic germanium and selenium in combination with an additive to feed laying hens can not only increase the egg production rate, but also have the effect of prolonging the peak period of egg production. After feeding the roosters with garlic, the weight gain of the broilers can be improved.
2. Adding a small amount of garlic in the pig feed is beneficial to the pig's growth and development. Adding 3% garlic to lactating sow diets can increase sows’ daily feed intake by more than 2 kg. Adding 2% of garlic to piglets weaned 15-25 days, the daily gain of piglets increased by more than 6.9%. Adding 3-5% of garlic to the cow's feed can produce a good lure to the cow, and the daily milk production per cow can be increased by about 2 kg, and the daily consumption of concentrate feed can be reduced by 0.8 kg. Garlic can also be used to treat white piglets, rumen swelling, cold food, enteritis, diarrhea, and rumen food problems caused by spleen and stomach weakness.
Second, garlic feed additive processing method
1. When fresh garlic is added in small amounts, fresh garlic can be crushed, chopped, chopped, or made into garlic puree using a dumpling machine, and then added to the feed to be fully stirred and fed. When the amount is large, the fresh garlic (without peeling) can be mixed with the main ingredient of the feed (usually corn) according to the required amount, and then crushed, which does not affect the comminution effect of the active ingredient, but can also make the garlic in the feed. well mixed. The addition amount is generally 1-5%.
2. When adding garlic (residue) dry powder, first dry the garlic or garlic residue (waste material after steam distillation and oil extraction), and then directly add to the feed or add the carrier to make the premix and then feed. Addition amount in the feed: 0.2-1% for chickens and 0.5-1.5% for pigs and cattle.
3, add garlic water or alcohol extracts. When the garlic water extract is used, the moisture is evaporated after the extraction; when alcohol extract is used, the alcohol is evaporated to remove, the former is added in the chicken feed by 0.02%, the pig, the cow is added by 0.05%; the latter is 0.03% in the chicken feed. Add, pigs, cattle added 0.05-0.1%.

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