Teach you to understand why eggs are abnormal

The abnormality of egg white is mainly seen in protein thinning, discoloration, foreign matter, or odor. Protein thinning is mainly caused by the long storage time of eggs or due to Newcastle disease, transmission, infectious laryngotracheitis, and sulfonamides poisoning.
The protein is discolored, mainly reddish or pink, due to the excessive amount of cottonseed cake in the feed or the higher Fe2+ content in the water.
There are foreign substances in the protein, mainly in the feed lack of vitamin A, fallopian tube epithelial shedding, improper illumination and abnormal sound.
The smell of protein is due to poor quality fish meal or the use of chlorine-containing anticoccidial drugs.
Bubbles are also sometimes found in proteins, which are caused by the sharp shaking of the eggs when the tip is turned upwards during transportation.
The abnormal performance of egg yolk mainly includes:
1, no egg yolk is due to inflammation of the fallopian tube or suddenly scared;
2. The smell inside the egg yolk is due to the high ammonia concentration in the chicken house;
3. The orange color of the egg yolk indicates the addition of excessive pigment
4, green and feed folic acid content is too high;
5, too shallow may be due to one-sided increase in the calcium content of feed or caused by certain diseases.
To increase egg color, it is necessary to reduce the amount of white corn in the feed. Adding 2% dried tangerine peel, 0.3% red pepper powder, 0.1% Millettia, etc. to the diet can improve egg yellow color.

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