Shefei vegetable fertilization grasp "5 to"

First, ring fertilizer must be decomposed greenhouse vegetables to be fully cooked when applying farmyard fertilizers. Because there is no decomposed farmhouse fat and bacteria and eggs, it is easy to spread the disease after it is applied to vegetables. In addition, if the farmhouse fertilizer is put into a greenhouse and then decomposed, ammonia burning burn vegetable seedlings will be produced. Therefore, the farmyard fertilizer must be fully decomposed and then fertilized.

Second, the fertilization method to scientific basic fertilizer is best to be applied a week before the colonization of vegetables, and to mix well with the soil. Fertilizer can be planted 7-10 cm away from the plant ditch or hole chase, top dressing immediately after dressing, watering, do not sprinkle fertilizer directly on the ground or plants, so as not to volatilize fertilizer or burn vegetable seedlings. Fertilizers outside the root should be in the peak season of vegetables and fertilizers, and it is best to choose the time of cloudy or late evening. Spray the fertilizer solution to the back of new leaves and leaves as much as possible to facilitate the absorption of vegetables.

Third, the amount of fertilizer to be applied due to fertilizer in the greenhouse is not easy to lose, so over-application of chemical fertilizers, can cause increased concentrations of salt in the soil, from time to time will affect the normal growth of vegetables, while the weight led to the secondary salinization of the soil. Therefore, fertilization before fertilization, formula fertilization must not be blindly applied.

Fourth, the application of micro-fertilizer on the road trace element fertilizer on the vegetables, although the demand is small, but its role in the metabolism of vegetables is great. The commonly used micronutrients include boron, molybdenum, zinc, and iron fertilizers. Micro-fertilizer is used as base fertilizer and can also be used for seed dressing, soaking or top dressing. The range between the appropriate amount of fertilizer and excess fertilizer is relatively narrow, so the amount must be accurate to avoid causing fertilizer damage.

Fifth, the use of hormones to be careful to use plant growth regulators, will play a catalytic role in increasing production of vegetables. However, each type of conditioner has a certain range of conditions and scope for its application. In particular, it is necessary to grasp the time and concentration of use, and it cannot be sloppy, otherwise the effect of increasing the yield of vegetables cannot be achieved.

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