Shed room seedlings to prevent "wearing caps"

In greenhouses and greenhouses, seedling emergence often occurs when the seedlings are unearthed and the seed coats do not fall off when the seed coats are caught. This is commonly known as “wearing a hat”. Seedlings “wearing hats” affect the photosynthesis of the plants, making the seedlings malnourished, gradually turning into weak or diseased seedlings, and reducing the yield and quality of the vegetables.

The main reason for the “children's hats” of the vegetable seedlings is that the cover soil is too thin when sowing, and the agricultural film is not timely covered after sowing. After the top soil of the seedlings is removed, the agricultural film is peeled off prematurely, or the agricultural film is peeled off at noon in the sunny day to make the seed coat peel off. Dry before it. In addition, seeds with poor seed maturity, old seeds, and seeds that have been infected with pests and diseases, often exhibit “wearing caps” due to weak growth.

In order to prevent seedlings from “wearing hats”, the bottom water must be poured before sowing, and the thickness of the cover soil after sowing should be suitable, and the film should be covered in time so that the seed germinates and emerges, always in a moist state so as to keep the seed coat soft and easy. Fall off. When the seedlings have just been excavated, if the topsoil is found to be too dry, water may be sprayed, or a thin layer of moist peat soil or fine soil may be sprinkled on top to keep the seed coat moist so as to facilitate peeling.

It is worth noting that the seedling “wearing a hat” must not be peeled off by hand so as not to damage the cotyledon of the seedlings or infecting pathogenic bacteria. A water spray that has been air-dried for more than 30 hours in the room can be used to make the seed coat self-shedding.

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