Piglets grow slowly, there are ways to solve

Weaning irrational farmer pigs have adopted a weaning method once more, and they will be listed immediately after weaning, which will suddenly change the living conditions of the piglets, and it will be difficult to adjust to the increase in weight. The correct method is to gradually reduce the number of suckling piglets 5 to 6 days before weaning until they are fully weaned.

Feeding is not done in time The piglets did not feed in time during the lactation phase, and they did not eat well after weaning. There was no supplementation of breast milk, causing slow growth and development to stop. In general, piglets should start feeding at 10 days of age and begin to feed on fragrant, sweet, brittle, easily digestible feeds, and gradually change to normal feed later.

After unreasonable weaning, piglets not only fail to feed on breast milk, but also feed quality declines, and the number of daily feedings also drastically decreases. Severe changes in these conditions hinder the normal development of piglets. Therefore, when buying pigs, it is necessary to inquire about the seller's feeding and management of pigs in detail, so that the quality and quantity of feed gradually transition, fine, green, rough feed gradually transition, the number of feeding gradually transition from more to less.

The environmental changes of large piglets before weaning were mother-centered and cohabitation among siblings. After weaning, it is usually 1 lap and the piglet cannot adapt to this lonely life for a short period of time. Especially in the cold winter, it is difficult to eat well, and it is prone to various diseases and even death. Therefore, when purchasing pigs, it is necessary to understand as much as possible the original feeding conditions, create a comfortable living environment for the piglets, and gradually change the feeding conditions. Extensive management now farmers usually pig 1 lap, some pigs eat, sleep, defecate at the same place, combined with not cleaning and washers, causing environmental pollution, poor sanitation, especially in the winter, it is easy to trigger A series of diseases such as swine cold and diarrhea seriously affect their health and are extremely unfavorable to their growth and development. In actual production, pigs can compete for food and grow fast, depending on how fast they eat and how good they are. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of training to make it a fixed point of eating, defecation, sleep, sleep and maintain sanitation.

The time does not buy more pigs from the farmers than in the market, and at the time of purchase, it will prevent epidemics and castration. In this way, weaning, epidemic prevention and castration were all added to the piglets together, which caused the piglets to recover from weight loss for a long period of time, seriously affecting their normal growth and development. Pigs grew slowly and formed stiff pigs, causing undue development. loss. In general, small boars that are not kept at the seed can be castrated at 20 days and gilts can be cast at 30-40 days. In order to prevent certain infectious diseases, swine fever vaccine can be vaccinated before 30 days of age. The swine erysipelas vaccine can be inoculated at 90 days of age.

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