Pig manure fish production and fertilizer technology

Pig manure and production of fertilizer technology because the pig manure itself is not high nutritional value, so the pig manure is not recommended for feeding pigs after fermentation, but it is an excellent feed and fertilizer for fish feed, many fish directly like to eat Fertilized pig manure is applied to two tons of fermented pig manure per acre. It is a green and safe fertilizer agent, and its effect is far better than that of chemical fertilizer and water. Fermentation method: 70% of fresh pig manure (or pigeon excrement, duck manure can also be substituted) without mildew, corn flour 15%, grain bran 10%, wheat bran 5%, and golden baby grade 2 feed starter by about 1000 The second addition, stir evenly, add water and wet, so that the water content controlled at about 65%. Then it is packed in a plastic bag or a sealed tank, sealed and fermented for 3 days (slightly longer in winter and a couple of days in summer). When the manure is not smelly and slightly sour, the fermentation is basically completed and you can feed. .
The fermented pig manure not only becomes a high-quality, environmentally friendly fertilizer, but also can be made into a high-quality compound manure fertilizer, treated with the Golden Baby II fertilizer starter, and the process is similar to the above. After the fermentation, 1 ton of fermented pig manure is produced. Ventilate open day and add 40 kg of urea per ton of pig manure, 58 kg of phosphate fertilizer, and 46 kg of potash (concrete according to different crops), mix thoroughly, and dry properly (up to a water content of about 40%). Finely packed.

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