Continuous treatment of vegetable soil must be integrated

Many vegetable farmers recently reported that after several years of continuous vegetable planting, vegetable dead seedlings, stiff seedlings, dead leaves, and malformed stems and leaves became more and more serious. Qi Bo, a researcher at the provincial vegetable office, pointed out that a large number of chemical fertilizers, soil acidification, lack of trace elements, serious soil-borne diseases, increased pesticide residues and nitrate content in vegetables, and secondary salinization under specific environmental conditions in sheds have caused agricultural ecology. Deterioration of the environment is the main reason for continuous cropping obstacles in greenhouse vegetables. Comprehensive measures must be taken to prevent and control them.
Use scientific fertilization methods. Adhere to the combination of basal fertilizer and topdressing, base fertilizer should be applied deeply, layered application or furrow application; top dressing should be combined with watering to promote foliar fertilizer application technology.
Promote the use of organic fertilizers. It is necessary to make full use of high-quality livestock and poultry manures that are fully decomposed, and the manure must be subjected to accumulation and fermentation. Organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers are applied in combination. Inorganic fertilizers have the characteristics of quick release of nutrients, but they need to be applied several times, while organic fertilizers have better fertility and can slowly release nutrients to ensure long-term nutrient requirements for crops.
Improve irrigation and drainage facilities. Between the sheds, dig deep trenches to lower the groundwater level. In the hot season of June-September, the plastic film can be removed to leaching the soil with rainfall and reduce the salt content of the soil. At the same time, submerged irrigation and furrow irrigation were replaced by drip irrigation and submerged irrigation.
Rational rotation for salt removal. In the late summer, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables are planted in the late stage of growing a corn, without fertilizer, can reduce the soil salt content; plant Sudan grass, can also remove salt.
In addition, we must choose disease-resistant rootstock grafted seedlings to prevent and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. At the same time improve the planting ecological environment, and use the paddy-wheel rotation for the dumping, change the types of vegetables to prevent and control pests and diseases.

 Goji Powder


Goji powder is a concentrated and cost-effective goji deep processing product. There are two kind of goji powder, one is freeze dried goji powder, another is Spary goji powder


Description of goji powder:

Name: Goji freeze dried powder

Type: Freeze Dried fruit powder

Form: Powder

Raw Materials: Fresh Goji Berry Without Pesticide Residue

Drying Method: Freeze Dried

Mesh Size: 60-80 Mesh

Appearance: Orange Yellow Powder

Odor And Taste: Typical Flavor of Goji Berry

Main Functions: Nutritional Supplement, Ehance Immunity

Grade: Food Grade

Application: Food and Beverage Field

Common Use: Use this tasty powder in smoothies, raw fudge or chocolate, fermented sodas, and desserts. Reconstitute into juice at 7:1.

Packing: Drum, 10kg/carton

Place of Origin: Ningxia,China(Mainland)

Storage: Stored in cool and dry places and keep away from strong sunlight and moisture

Shelf Life: 24 Moths

Nutrition: A source of Vitamin C, iron, beta-carotene and more



1, Lowing the blood fats, blood sugar, treating high blood fats and diabetes

2,Anti-fatigue, postpone senility, treating fatiguability, insomnia,   Poor appetite, dizziness.

3,Treating oxygen deficit.

4, Regulating organism immunity active.

5, Anti-aging.

6, Strength kidney and liver function.

7, Lower cholesterol.

8, Pharmaceutical stuff.

9, Healthy food and beverage.


Q: How about payment terms?

A: 30% TT deposit+70% TT before shipment, 30% TT deposit+70% TT balance against scanned Copy B/L, Flexible payment can be negotiated.

Q: Production and deliver

A: After deposit, goji berry order enter into 1st stage( production, packaging, factory inspect, etc), then 2nd stage is CIQ inspection and written CIQ Certificate lead time one week(7 days), 3rd stage we arrange

 cargo shipment to departure port. Vessel lead time as per destination port in different countries( Such as North America line, South America Line,  EMP, Asia, Australia, etc )

Goji Powder

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