A new method for soilless cultivation of vegetables

Soilless cultivation refers to a cultivation method in which a person uses natural soil and is fed with a nutrient solution. In the production of melon vegetables, it has high yield, early maturing, water saving and light disease. Can produce pollution-free quality vegetables and other advantages. The method of soilless cultivation of several vegetables is introduced. One, leek soilless cultivation. Use 18-20 cm deep flower pots or wooden troughs to hold 1-2 cm river sand. Rinse river sand to prevent colonization. Choose the root of leeks in the open field for more than two years, cut the old roots and leaves, leave the shortened stem roots and insert them into the pots. The 3-4 strains were one row, and the row spacing was about 3.3 cm. After the new roots are out, the nutrient solution is poured. Generally, the water is poured every other day and the nutrient solution is poured. Spring, summer and autumn are poured once every 1-2 days; in winter, they are poured once every 3-5 days. Rainy days, afternoons, and evenings are not fed with nutrient solutions. Yellow leaves are poured. Leaves black less poured. Nutrition formula: 15 grams of urea, 2.25 grams of dihydrogen phosphate, 15 kilograms of water, and 1.5 square meters of water. Two cucumber soilless cultivation. Cucumber soilless cultivation due to not slow seedling transplanting, fertility large seedling transplant (40-60 cm height), shorten the fertility of soilless cultivation, increase the number of cultivated pods, and increase total output. After transplanting, it was firmly tied and only one main vine and 1-2 side vines remained. The remaining side schools were all wiped out. At the top of the melon, there are 5-6 leaves at the top. Soilless cultivation of cucumber disease is light, can be linked to species, in the flourishing cucumber, there may be a plant with seedlings. When the cucumber is over the plant, the result can be eliminated. In advance, a good cucumber seedling can be used to make the sand basin (slot). The cucumber seedlings that have grown vigorously and have a large number of results are always maintained, thereby doubling the yield and increasing the benefits. Third, watermelon soilless cultivation. Waterless cultivation of watermelon can be mature 15-20 days earlier, with high yield, good quality and high economic efficiency. Use a porcelain pot or plastic bag with a diameter of 30 cm and a length of 45 cm, and put stones of 15 centimeters in diameter, and put it on a clean river sand of eight to nine. The watermelon seeds were sowed in the river sand to sow 1-2 seeds per pot, and the last one was strong seedlings; or they were transplanted into the river after nutrient raising. When the live seedlings just grew up, the transplanting seedlings survived and then poured nutrition. Liquid, with 200-500 grams per plant. Widely and once in the afternoon, the dosage at the seedling stage may be a little more, and the amount at the later stage may be larger. When the temperature is high and the light is strong, the water can be poured once a day. Each plant keeps one or more vines on the main side, and the knots 1-2 are left in front of the cucurbit to retain the 7-leaf topping. Other management is the same as general planting. Nutrient solution formula: 15 grams of urea (or 33 grams of ammonium acid), 5-10 grams of calcium nitrate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 3.5-4 grams of magnesium, 5.6 grams of boron, manganese sulfate, sulfuric acid S sulphate 1.5 grams each, camp The pH of the solution is 5.5-6.

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