What are the characteristics of mushroom cultivation using edible fungi fermentation auxiliaries?

What are the characteristics of mushroom cultivation using the edible mushroom fermentation auxiliaries Fermentation auxiliaries are used to make edible fungus culture materials, which have fast fermentation and thorough fermentation, and can not only ferment at high temperature but also at low temperature, greatly shorten the production time of conventional fermentation and reduce labor. In addition to strength, cost reduction and other characteristics, there is also the characteristic of “widespread” (almost fermentable organic materials that can be fermented) and “strong adaptability” (relatively loose requirements for environmental conditions). The demonstration experiment of the Jinbao edible mushroom culture material fermentation aid produced by Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. shows that the fermentative agent is superior to the domestic and foreign similar products (such as Japan's EM, Korea's Agricultural Fur, and Enzyme). Cost-effective. It is embodied in the characteristics of "fast", "rapid", "defective" and "provincial":
1, rapid fermentation, save time and save the province. This product can make edible mushroom culture materials quickly rise to 60-70 °C (starting temperature above 15 °C) in two or three days. Generally, the fermentation time of the edible mushroom culture material can be shortened by more than half, and the fermentation time of the mushroom culture material can be shortened by more than 10 days, and the mushroom can be mushroomed one week to ten days in advance. Pleurotus ostreatus, straw mushroom, Coprinus comatus and other culture materials fermentation cycle shortened 3-4 days. Greatly reduce the number of overturns, reduce labor intensity, and save a lot of manpower, material and other economic costs.
2, improve efficiency and increase production. It can quickly and effectively degrade, convert nutrients of materials, make nutrition more balanced and rich, and enable edible fungi to be absorbed as soon as possible to reduce the waste of nutrients and greatly increase nutrient utilization. Compared with conventional treatment, the use of this product can increase the production of edible fungus by 20-30%.
3, kill insects, improve quality. The use of this product fermented edible fungus culture material, beneficial functional microorganisms in a large number of geometric progression and rapid propagation (up to 272 in 24 hours), resulting in high temperature and heat, can quickly kill most pests, eggs and miscellaneous harmful bacteria The formation of "dominant bacteria" of beneficial microorganisms in the process of reproduction of functional microorganisms forms an ecological protective barrier mechanism of "bacteria" (inhibiting bacteria) (harmful bacteria) with "bacteria" (probiotics); and can secrete enzymes, antibiotics and other metabolism The product has comprehensively inhibited the growth and reproduction of various bacteria; it has greatly reduced the use of chemical pesticides and bactericides, comprehensively improved the taste, flavor, appearance and other qualities of edible fungi, and improved product quality.

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