More than 21,000 issues have been investigated and dealt with in the national agricultural product quality and safety special rectification

China National Radio Network, Beijing, June 16 News According to the State Council's plan, the Ministry of Agriculture focused on cracking down on illegal additions such as clenbuterol, focusing on the development of "Clenbuterol," pesticide residues, raw milk, veterinary drugs, and aquatic products. Anti-counterfeiting of agricultural materials and other special governance actions. As of the end of May, a total of 1.49 million law enforcement officers were dispatched throughout the country's agricultural system, checking more than 970,000 related production and business units (times) and investigating more than 21,000 questions.

In the special rectification of "Clenbuterol," a joint one-year rectification was carried out jointly by the Department of Food Safety of the State Council and the Ministry of Public Security to severely crack down on the production, sale, and use of "Clenbuterol" violations and crimes. In addition, monitoring was conducted to monitor the implementation of the "Clenbuterol" monitoring program for 29,000 medium and small-scale farms (households) and 25,000 slaughterhouses for live pigs throughout the country. A special rectification coordination mechanism for "Clenbuterol" was established to actively construct breeding records. The production and operation and processing enterprises do not have such regulatory systems as “lean meat fines” commitments, enterprise self-inspection, quality traceability, and supervision and sampling inspection.

In respect of the special rectification of excessive pesticide residues, it organized the supervision and inspection of pesticide product quality and the inspection of the pesticide market, actively promoted the elimination and banment of highly toxic pesticides, vigorously implemented the pilot subsidy for demonstration and promotion of low-toxic biological pesticides, and formulated 79 new pesticides for foods. 178 of the pesticide residue limit standards.

In the case of special rectification of raw milk banned substances, we will carry out a large-scale inspection of raw milk purchase stations, expand the frequency and monitoring range of raw milk sampling, and realize the inspection and detection of all raw milk purchase stations and banned additives such as melamine and leather hydrolyzed protein. "Full coverage", sampling of raw milk samples of melamine content in full compliance with national regulatory limits.

In the aspect of veterinary drug quality safety rectification, it actively carried out inspections of good veterinary drug production standards. In conjunction with the implementation of good sales practices for veterinary drugs, it actively organized veterinary drug business qualifications clean-up activities, investigated and prosecuted violations of laws and regulations for illegal operation of veterinary drugs and violations of laws and regulations, and actively implemented illegal activities. Antimicrobial remediation work has been deployed to batches of animal products veterinary drug residue monitoring 2285.

In the area of ​​special rectification of aquatic product drug residues, the establishment of fishery technology households and healthy aquaculture demonstration farms has been extensively launched. More than 1,700 national-level healthy aquaculture demonstration sites have been established; the aquaculture and quality and safety law enforcement have been fully implemented, and heavy blows to farms have been illegal. The use of nitrofuran antibiotics, malachite green and other toxic and harmful substances.

With regard to the special campaigns for counterfeiting of agricultural resources, in order to ensure the quality of agricultural resources during the spring plowing, the government paid close attention to source control and intensified market rectification. It had seized 6.13 million kilograms of counterfeit agricultural materials, investigated and dealt with 5036 cases of counterfeit agricultural materials, and smashed. The production and sale of fake dens were 26, which saved farmers a direct economic loss of 180 million yuan. At the same time, we will actively promote the use of agricultural resources in rural villages and work hard to build a new agricultural resource management network that covers the vast rural areas.

In the next step, the agriculture departments at all levels will closely focus on the “diligent efforts to ensure that there will be no major agricultural product quality and safety incidents” goal and severely crack down on illegally added “clenbuterol” and other illegal additions as a total starting point, stick to the source, tackle both the root cause and the problem, and implement one-handedly. Supervise and attack with great efforts to eliminate outstanding problems in quality and safety of agricultural products and hidden dangers, curb the occurrence of agricultural product quality and safety incidents from the source, implement standardized production, vigorously develop safe and high quality branded agricultural products, actively promote the transformation of agricultural development methods, and continuously improve the quality of agricultural products. The level of safety meets the needs of public consumption security and the healthy development of the agricultural industry.

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