Corn sowing techniques in 2010

Xinji City cultivates 450,000 mu of summer corn. Corn is one of the important food crops in our city, and it has great potential for yield increase. Grasping corn production is the key to achieving stable production and high yield of grain crops in our city. Here are some suggestions for corn sowing and seedling management:
First, prepare before broadcast:
(a) to choose the best species. This year, the main maize products of high quality, such as Zhengdan 958, Xianyu 335, Dandan 20, Daiyu 35, Xiuqing 74-9, and Zhangfeng 8 have been promoted.
(b) drying seeds. Shaizhong has the effect of promoting germination and reducing disease. Usually selected on sunny morning morning, the seeds are spread on the sunny or sunny floor or on the mat, and the sun is continuously turned for 2-3 hours.
(c) Chemical seed dressing. The use of coated seeds or treatment of seeds before sowing can prevent diseases and prevent the harm of underground pests such as cockroaches and cockroaches. The specific method for the treatment of medicaments is 40% phoxim 10 ml plus 50% carbendazim 15 g or 25% triadimefl 15 g, and 5 kg of corn mixed with the appropriate amount of water, mix well and dry for use.
(d) Apply the base fertilizer to ensure that the bottom squat. In order to meet the requirements of high-yielding maize fertilizer, 0.5-1.0 kg of zinc sulfate and 20 kg of nitrogen-potassium compound fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer per acre. If only one base fertilizer is used, the amount of nitrogen-potassium compound fertilizer should be increased to 35-40 kg; Well covered with water to prevent burning seedlings.
Second, paste seed sowing, early sowing when grab.
Early sowing is the key to increasing the yield of summer corn. It can fight for the growing season and avoid cold damage at the later stage to reduce various diseases. Select suitable high-yield and high-quality varieties, adapt them to local conditions, and broadcast early when robbed. The whole city strives to finish sowing before June 20th to lay a foundation for the high yield of corn. For wheat fields with a mu head below 300,000, corn can be interplanted, and corn can be planted within 2 days before wheat is harvested.
Third, to ensure a reasonable close planting.
Compact density density density of 4000-4500 strains / mu, flat density density of 3500-4000 strains / acre, seeding method is best to use the size of the row, the general line of 2.0 feet, small line 1.2 feet or 2.4 feet large line, Small line 1.2 feet. Can also take 1.6 feet and other line spacing.
Fourth, chemical weeding and seedling management.
(a) chemical weeding
1. Before weeding, chemical weeding before seedlings: use 200 ml of 40% Ethylene Mixture or 48% Jade Grass Spirit Mu 120-150 ml, add 45-60 kg of water evenly. 2, post-emergence chemical weeding: corn 3 to 5 leaf weeds 2 to 4 leaf stage, mu 80% yam nong 4-6 g or 20% jade or earth Jingwei 100 ml, 20 kg watered Spray corn between rows, spray only surface weeds, try not to spray corn.
(B) Seedling Management
1, appropriate time seedlings Dingmiao.
2. In late June-early July, when the damage rate of corn leaf is 5%, attention should be paid to the control of corn thrips and Swedish flies: 10% imidacloprid can be used 20 g per barrel plus 5% high-efficiency cyanide 30 ml, 25% fast kill Spirit 20ml barrel, field spray, can cure cornfield soil, earthworms, leafhoppers and other pests.

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