Concerned about the effective storage of idle farm machinery

It has entered the winter slack season. Most agricultural machinery will be idle during the winter. In order to ensure that the busy season of the coming year, all types of machinery can still maintain a good state of technology, to remind the majority of farmers friends, in the winter farm machinery idle, should pay attention to the custody of agricultural machinery. (1) Before the machine is put into storage, all parts of the body should be removed, especially the weeds and mud blocks on the transmission parts and moving parts, and apply anti-rust oil on the metal parts of the transmission parts and the joysticks. . (2) The machine should be parked on a dry, ventilated floor. It is best to park the machine in a hangar to prevent the sun and rain. If there is no condition that can only be placed outdoors, it should be placed in a ventilated, dry place away from the fire. It is strictly prohibited to stack chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other corrosive chemicals near the machine. In addition, we must pay attention to shelters or rain protection products to ensure that the body is not eroded by rain and snow. (3) Remove the intake pipe, add the appropriate amount of the above-mentioned oil to each cylinder from the intake pipe, then turn the crankshaft so that the oil adheres to the piston, piston ring, cylinder liner, and valve sealing surface. (4) Grease grease fittings and keep grease fittings clean. (5) Loosen the generator belt, remove the battery, and keep it separately. (6) Keep the tires at normal air pressure and padded them with a pad so that the tires are vacant. The tires should not be stained with diesel oil or lubricating oil. (7) Remove the belts and keep them separately. (8) After shutting down, the engine oil, cooling water in the water jacket of the body and the water pump housing should be placed on the engine to remove the dust on the air filter element; the oil bath type air filter element should be cleaned with diesel oil or kerosene. . (9) Clean the engine body, oil pan and oil filter net, and replace the new oil of the corresponding brand. When replacing oil, it should be added to the oil pan to the upper marking line of the oil scale and turn the crankshaft so that the entire lubrication system is full of oil.

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